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Company Profile

ARENDATOR.RU is the first and only reliable information resource on commercial real estate in Russia. It contains the most comprehensive and daily updated database of business and retail premises, analytical reports by leading market experts and appraisers, and the latest news selected by professional market analysts.

Unique Database - Transparent and Universal!

The main advantage of the project is the most complete database of business and retail centers in Moscow. This kind of information resource has become vital in the constantly changing commercial real estate market of Moscow and Russia. We believe that our project is a symbol of a new stage of market maturity, as we provide our visitors with transparent information not only on building parameters, technical equipment and neighboring tenants, but also on rental terms. Fortunately, only 0.6% of realtors, building owners and administrations object to our releasing their commercial information. When compiling the database, we searched through the market and found out that none of the existing developers or intermediates had obtained such a product. At that stage, our main goal was to create a convenient and efficient instrument for both professional market players and consumers. Thus, we had to use different sources of information and only the active assistance of many experts made our dreams come true. The existence of our product lets our visitors avoid those who profit by hiding market information.

By the beginning of 2004, our database will include over 1000 significant business and / or retail centers. It is widely recognized as being convenient and professional not only by those interested in possible tenancy, but also by professional market players, such as developers, realtors, investors and building owners. In providing our visitors with the widest range of professional information, we assume 100% responsibility for the quality and accuracy of the selected data. We are very confident of this, because we base our market knowledge on the stable connections and close cooperation we have established with leading market experts. We truly believe our database will help you find useful information, answer your questions, and eliminate your doubts when making crucial decisions for your business. As our convenient search will save you considerable time, you won't regret a single minute spent with us.

We have invested a significant amount of time, funds and effort in compiling our database; each property comes complete with colorful photos and outside views.

Market Analysis - Professional and Reliable!

Our site contains a weekly updated market analysis and reviews carefully selected from different press agencies, Internet sources, newspapers and magazines. The most valuable pieces of such information are kindly provided by professional analysts of our partners: consulting and realty firms. The lack of some data is covered by reviews and analysis ordered and prepared specifically for ARENDATOR.RU. Our market analysis will help you to better understand market trends and guide you through the vague ambience of Russian real estate operations.

Daily Updated News - Fast and Efficient!

Compared to other mass media sources, our Internet project has the advantage of providing the most interesting and topical news on commercial real estate market up to the moment. Only our site shows you the market in its everyday development. Our news is collected from reputable press agencies, government institutions and our correspondents.

Person of the Month - Personalized!

We are proud to introduce the brightest market professionals on a monthly basis. Take the challenge - tell us more about yourself or your colleague!

Useful Information - Comprehensive and Functional!

This section includes classification of business and retail centers, ratings of various boroughs of Moscow and other information aimed at educating our visitor and giving them a hand in evaluating different properties. After navigating through our site, you will not be new to the market.

Inquiry Online - Handy and Free!

This section enables our visitors to ask a question and expect a quick reply. All relevant questions are openly published on the site for the attention of market players.

Reliable Contractors - ARENDATOR.RU recommends!

Modern office space needs to be complete with a huge number of accessories in order to be properly used by its owner or tenant. After searching through thousands of your potential service providers, we listed those who were reputable and reliable in this section of our site covering the following topics:

Your Opinion Online - We Care!

We would be much obliged if you would share your opinions on the commercial real estate market with other visitors to the site. We regularly publish the results of these surveys.

Site Promotion

The advertising and PR campaign for the project started with its opening and targeted a carefully selected audience. In its first month of operation, the site became the leading Internet source of information on the commercial real estate market.

All leading business magazines and professional real estate publications publish our advertisements. We believe you might enjoy looking at some samples of our advertising modules.

 The advertising campaign (PDF - file)

Most reputable press agencies have either mentioned our business or based their articles and reviews on the data available at ARENDATOR.RU. For examples of quotations click here.

At least 40% of the funds devoted to site promotion are spent for online advertising.

Our goal is not to make a quick profit but to generate a reliable source of market information. We're here to stay for a long time! Thus, all income earned in the first year will be spent on promoting the project.

Our Audience

30% - professional commercial estate market players, i.e., employees of realty companies, private brokers, and owners or managers of businesses and / or retail centers. They find our site a useful source of information and a convenient instrument for showing their clients their potential offers.

65% - companies and individuals interested in purchasing or renting commercial real estate. It has become helpful in searching for future premises, sharing opinions with partners, preparing reports for business leaders, understanding pricing and all conditions of a future deal.

5% - commercial real estate market observers, i.e., journalists, analysts, and consultants. When the market is explicitly introduced on one site, it is so easy to analyze its trends, prepare reports or reviews, and make the right conclusions and evaluations.

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