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Яндекс цитирования

Storehouse classification

Class "А"

  • A modern storage building made of light-gauge constructions after 1990.
  • A single-storey (one room) building constructed using modern technologies and high quality materials.
  • At least 10 meters high ceilings permitting to install multi-level rack equipment.
  • Smooth floor with dust cover, floor load - 5-7 tons/sq. meter.
  • Fire alarm system and automatic fire-fighting system (sprinkler or powder type).
  • Completely controlled temperature range.
  • Thermal curtains at the gates.
  • Autonomous electrical substation and thermal unit.
  • Automatic dock-type gate with hydraulic ramp with adjustable height.
  • Central air-conditioning system and/or combined extract-and-input system.
  • Intruder alarm and video monitoring system.
  • Office facilities at the store.
  • Fiber optic telecommunications.
  • Sufficient area for large truck parking and maneuvering.
  • Location near the central highways or Moscow peripheral highway providing good access.

Class "B"

  • Main building.
  • 6 - 8 meters high ceilings.
  • Asphalt or concrete floor without cover.
  • Temperature range from +10 to +18 С.
  • Fire alarm system and hydrant fire-fighting system.
  • Ramp for motor transport unloading.
  • Office facilities at the store.
  • Telecommunications - Moscow city telephone exchange.
  • Security around the territory.

Class "C"

  • Main production facility or heated hangar.
  • 4.5 - 18 meters high ceilings.
  • Heated facility with winter temperature +5 +8 С.
  • Asphalt or concrete tile floor, concrete without cover.
  • Gate at zero level.

Class "D"

Basement facilities or civil defense facilities, unheated production facilities.

This classification has been developed with the account of the current Russian storehouse market status and may be used for reference purposes.
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